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What is L2RR Indie Tool Box?

It’s a place created to provide indie romance authors the tools to build their foundation and enable them to grow, succeed and achieve their dreams.

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About Us

Indie Tool Box was created by the founder of Love2ReadRomance, Pam Gonzales, and Author Kim McPherson. Together these ladies have a background in lifestyle coaching as well as business, marketing, and author services.

Pam is known for catching the little details. Her passion is to help indie authors prepare and finalize their books for future readers.  Whether it’s through proofreading, editing, graphic design creativity, or coaching authors on proper time management so that they stay on track with their publishing schedule, her goal is for the author to publish their very best work possible with these tools in her tool box.

Kim, being an author herself, has learned the hard way what NOT to do. Kim’s tool box is packed full of knowledge to provide coaching to authors on how to publish their books, build their newsletters, effectively market themselves across social media platforms, and how to expand their author footprint. Her passion is to help authors be successful publishing independently, rather than traditionally.

Together, these ladies are a powerhouse in the indie author services industry. Passion fuels their motivation for you to succeed. They work with brand new and the established authors, and can also work with your budget.