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Proofreading and editing are tedious tasks that can be difficult for authors who are too close to their work, which is why I’m here. Indie Authors are my passion, and my goal is to help them craft their best work at an affordable cost. I’m an extra pair of eyes, and I read with all my heart, and strive to help my authors prepare and finalize their books for future readers. 

A little bit of background: I stumbled into this profession by accident. I made a few suggestions to authors who sent me ARCs and essentially functioned as a freelance proofreader out of habit due to my professional work experience. I’ve always had a knack for noticing minor typos and edits, which came in handy when I was the assistant editor of a small town newspaper for a few years. It also helped during my time as the assistant to worship, creative arts and communications at a mega church. Throughout my 5 years there I proofread and edited leadership books as well, but eventually switched over to reading for enjoyment and fell in love with the romance world.

In summary, I’m passionate about what I read, and I love helping others. If you would like to learn more about the types of services I can provide, please fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Love2ReadRomance Proofreading & Editing Service by Pam Gonzales


Lexi C. Foss – Contemporary & Paranormal Romance Author

**USA Today Best Selling Author, International Best Selling Author & multiple Award Winning Author

  • Pam is AMAZING. I cannot express how thankful I am to have discovered her. I originally sent her my book in exchange for a review, and she came back with a few proofreading suggestions that my team of proofreaders (yes, team – I had three!) all missed. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. From that moment on, I knew she was a keeper. I sent her another book, and she provided the same feedback. Now I work with her on all my novels, and make sure to incorporate her availability into my release schedule, because she’s a valuable part of my publication team. Not only is she prompt, but she’s efficient, and she provides her notes in a professional manner underlined with respect. I recommend her 100%. You will not be disappointed!!



Cybill Cain –  Author of The Chimera Club Stories

**International Award Winning Author

  • Pam at Love2ReadRomance Proofreading has eyes so sharp I told her I wanted to build a little temple dedicated to honor them. She saved me when I published Poker Face, finding errors despite five rounds of editing. I was so pleased with her results I immediately retained her services for all future releases. She’s great to work with, and understands the importance of deadlines and feedback when working with an author.If you think you are done, and ready for press, hire Love2ReadRomance before you publish to make sure your story is the best it can be.


 L. Loren – Author

**Bestselling Author

  • Pam with Love2ReadRomance is a joy to work with. She is very personable, extremely responsive and does a great job proofreading. My final draft was so much better after her keen eye gave it a once over. I would highly recommend her for all your editing needs.


Autumn Archer – Contemporary & Romantic Suspense Author

**International Bestseller

  • Gahhh, Love2ReadRomance I’d be lost without you! Every indie author needs the Love2ReadRomance Indie Tool Box services… If you haven’t already make sure to check the website out.


Autumn Ruby – Romance Author

  • Shhhhh! Because we are new authors ourselves we are going to give away our best kept secret. Someone once told me that the key to success is building a great team around yourself and follow their advice! Love2ReadRomance indie author toolkit has EVERYTHING you need to publish your first novel and make it something to be proud of. From building your SM platform, to covers, editing, formatting and much more. We freaking LOVE this service and are super happy that Love2ReadRomance has been a major part of our journey to publication! If you’re working on your new novel or want to revamp previous work, reach out and see how this indie toolkit can improve your WIP. For us, it was a game changer.

Kellie Hart – Romance Author

  • Pam joined my Hartbreaker beta audience back in the earliest parts of my career as a romance writer. When I asked her to read my writing, I never thought she would go above and beyond the questionnaires I provided. Pam not only provided invaluable insight into my characters and their motivations; she also called me out on plot inconsistency and some hilariously awful typos. Now, I am privileged to call her both my proofreader and my friend because, without her, my writing would not be what it is today. I honestly cannot thank her enough for her time, attention to detail, and dedication to the craft. If you need someone to love your work like it’s her own, look to no one other than the awesome lady behind Love2ReadRomance Proofreading!


Kassandra Klay- Contemporary & Romantic Suspense Author

  • I met Pam through the collaborators of the Christmas Kisses Anthology. She agreed to edit my story Sexy Scrooge for the anthology. Everything clicked with her. I thought I was a horrible writer and would never amount to anything. Pam changed everything for me. She sees my vision and has given me so much hope as a writer. My writing career can now move forward because of Pam.


Author Bailey James

  • I can’t thank Love2ReadRomance enough for proofreading my live book, due to the new one being delayed. Yet still, she found tons of mistakes that no one else spotted. Will definitely be using again. I just hope she has some space.
  • Pam is awesome! She was recommended to me by several authors who have worked with her in the past. She was ahead of the deadline and clear on her edits and comments. She was quick to respond to questions I had regarding her comments/edits. She also doesn’t change the tone of your writing so everything about your book remains your “style”. She gives you great feedback on the content of the story, like points out repeated ideas and confusing scenes/plots/points in your story. I will definitely be working with her for future books! 
  • There is just so much to say about Pam at Love2ReadRomance and her stellar work as an editor/proofreader. I met her while I was working with several other authors on an anthology in which I wrote a story. She was there cheering us on. At that time, I already had an editor. But I decided I wanted Pam to give my story a once over before I submitted it. And am I glad I did! She found errors the other editor, and myself, with my background in journalism, missed. Yes, I said journalism. It is amazing what you miss in your own work. Pam is an invaluable asset. I recently had a re-release and Pam did a proofread. She caught errors that I and my other editor had missed. Now I will never submit a book without her input. She is absolutely the best. I look forward to sending her my latest story, and I will even work my future release dates around her time schedule. She is that good.
  • I asked Pam on a whim to read my first book and she did. She was so great to work with and she read my book in a timely manner. She gave me a wonderful review, but she also gave me some great advice and was very honest with me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her honesty because it only challenged me and encouraged me for my next project! I can’t wait to work with her again.


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